Adam Moore for Guilford County Sheriff.

Service Before Politics


For the past seven years I have faithfully dedicated my life to the health and welfare of the citizens in the communities I have served. During my years of service, I have been honored to serve as a detention officer, patrol officer, investigator, and school resource officer. The greatest honor of these positions has been getting to know and care for the citizens of the community.

During the last few years, we have seen across our country and even Guilford County public officials playing politics while the citizens they are elected to serve suffer. We have seen them bow down to mobs, and criminals while the community is under attack. This is because we have elected officials that seek your vote, instead of providing you with the public service you deserve.

Seeing firsthand the turmoil of rising crime rates that affect and devastate our community is what has led me to run for sheriff. After recognizing a rising division between the citizens of Guilford County and those who faithfully serve them. Its time for us all to come together, so the service that is deserved by all citizens of Guilford County is achieved. We must support each other to have a thriving community.

If elected as your sheriff, I promise to place community service at the forefront of all departmental decisions. As the sheriff it would be my mission to work with all community members to make sure all citizens and visitors of Guilford County are safe in their community.

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